MoWBC Non-Profit Panel: Launching a Non-Profit

Are you thinking of starting a Non-Profit?

This MoWBC Non-Profit panel will feature 3 speakers well-versed in the world of non-profit businesses. Our panelists will dive into their experiences, best practices, and other advice about starting and running your own non-profit organization.

About our Speakers

Chrystal L. Graves-Yazici

Chrystal L. is a hairstylist educator, salon owner, non-profit co-founder, diversity strategist and founder of All Hair Academy. Her mission is to create equality and equity within the beauty industry and to educate future beauty leaders that diversity is not optional but necessary. Located in Columbia, MO, Chrystal is also passionate about serving her local community. She co-founded the non-profit BOLD Academy, which nurtures and enhances the leadership skills of Black and Brown girls in Columbia.

Carolyn Sullivan

Over 35 years as an attorney, executive director, and Founder/President of New Chapter Coaching, Carolyn has made her mark in the for profit and nonprofit sectors on the local, state, and national levels. Carolyn founded her current business, New Chapter Coaching, to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders and the impact of the organizations they lead. Carolyn is a master trainer and facilitator, and is certified in Strategic Performance Management from the National Center for Public Performance. Carolyn lives in Columbia with her spouse, Dr. Elisa Glick, and Cleo, their 65-pound lap dog. For fun, she's walking 485 miles on a virtual Camino pilgrimage with local friends and pilgrims from around the world.

Teri Walden

Formerly a high school English teacher, Teri Walden became a start-up nonprofit entrepreneur in 2013 when she and another mother began EnCircle Technologies, a nonprofit to help train young adults with autism for technology jobs. Teri had a personal stake in its mission which was to help her son. The nonprofit was one of the hardest and best things she has ever done in her professional life. Teri helped bring EnCircle from inception to sustainability. Today EnCircle is under the umbrella of a larger organization and serves over 30 students and families each semester. Teri has transitioned into a teacher for the program; she also works for The Connection Exchange as a Community Connector to new businesses, and she has started Coralene's Flower Farm Market to pursue her passion of growing and selling flowers. Teri hopes to help other nonprofit entrepreneurs think through some of the complexities of maintaining and sustaining a nonprofit!

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