The Mission Behind the Missouri Women's Center

The MoWBC is dedicated to breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial success, with a focus on women-owned, minority-owned, and low-to-moderate income-based businesses.  We assist entrepreneurs as they plan, start, build, and scale their businesses by providing accessible resources, programming, and whole health business coaching, at no cost, to all our clients. 

The Deeper Purpose Behind Our Organization

The Missouri Women’s Business Center is a program of CMCA dedicated to providing small business development assistance with a focus on women, minorities, and low-to-moderate income-based entrepreneurs throughout Mid-Missouri. This is accomplished through coaching, relevant programming, training, events, and continued support and resources to help entrepreneurs set and reach their business goals. From initial concepts to building a steady stream of economic resources, our mission is to break down the barriers that women and minorities in our community face when owning and operating or growing a business. The deeper purpose of the MoWBC is to assist CMCA on their mission to eradicate the causes and conditions of poverty through individual empowerment, access to resources, and entrepreneurial success.

How Our Organization Contributes to Our Community

We contribute to the economic development and stability of Missouri’s small business growth. MoWBC gives entrepreneurs the resources and confidence needed to thrive in the community. The impact of the MoWBC goes beyond community outreach and support and directly impacts and facilitates the continued growth of the economy of midwest Missouri, in 8 surrounding counties. In addition, MoWBC supports and advocates for diversity in our community making sure that all entrepreneurs have resources, support, and opportunity, which creates hundreds of new diverse businesses in the community each year.

We Aspire to be a Business Resource for Entrepreneurs

We aspire to be the easiest and most effective resource for providing access to support for entrepreneurs to start, build, and grow successful businesses that will continue to innovate and encourage an economic growth landscape for our local community with an emphasis on decreasing poverty and increasing financial stability for all.
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