Small Business Coaching

If you are thinking about starting a business or need assistance growing your current business, our coaches offer our clients the guidance they need for success.

What's Included with Our Free Business Coaching

As a client of the Missouri Women's Business Center, you have access to free business coaching with one of our devoted business coaches. All our coaches have been entrepreneurs or are currently running their own business. They know first hand how to build a business while balancing entrepreneurial and personal responsibilities.

We Discuss Anything and Everything Which Impacts Business Growth and Development

This includes (but not limited to) registering your business, creating a sustainable business model, developing your offer, fine-tuning your target market, brainstorming successful marketing strategies, increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, basic bookkeeping, community impact and networking, building a team of professionals to support your business, writing a business plan, obtaining capital, assistance with the commercial loan process, employee management, work-life balance, and maintaining a successful entrepreneurial mindset that will keep you focused, motivated, and inspired.

We Listen, Support, and Guide New Business Start-Ups

Whether you just have an idea or you are looking to develop your business further, our coaches will guide you through the process, encourage your individualized business goals, and help you strategize every obstacle and barrier you may encounter. Be your best CEO while you brainstorm with your coach the effective next steps to reach your ultimate business goals.
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