Managing Your Google My Business Listing

Google is the top search engine on the internet.

When people find your business on Google, what do they see? We’ll be discussing:

  • Getting started managing your Google My Business page
  • How to improve your listing to generate more traffic
  • What features are available to customize and conduct business from your page -What insights you have access to
  • How to promote your business online and offline with your Google listing

We’ll talk about why it’s important to manage your page and the variety of features available to make the most out of your Google profile. More than just responding to reviews, Google My Business is essentially an under-the-radar social platform that lets you connect directly with customers and promote your brand.

About Marie

Owner of Neat + Nimble, Marie is a master designer and marketer for multi-faceted brands. Her career started in graphic design and has evolved into a bold fusion of many different aspects of building brands and businesses. She is passionate about helping others transform their efforts into action that makes an impact.

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