Building Your Brand with Marie Newell

Building a brand can be daunting.

By identifying key moments in your customer's journey, you can discover when to amplify the good vibes they're already feeling to strengthen your connection. In this edition of Coffee & Conversation:

  • Learn strategies on how to create consistent branding through design and copy.
  • Discuss examples of brand giants in major industries making an impact on their customers.
  • Leave with ideas, inspiration, and motivation to strengthen your brand and build a business you truly love!

About the Speaker

Marie Newell is a seasoned graphic designer turned marketer who has worked behind the scenes for local major players including Joe Machens Dealerships, Brookside, and Columbia College. A graduate of the University of Central Missouri with a BFA in Graphic Design, Newell lived in the Columbia area for over a decade. Earlier this year, she relocated her digital agency, Neat + Nimble to Hermann, Missouri.

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