Financing Your Business

CMCA and MoWBC offer a Microenterprise Initiative loan fund to provide microenterprise borrowers with access to capital that they might not otherwise find. While monthly installment loans are the most typical form of loan from the loan fund, the hallmark of microenterprise lending is its ability to provide flexible loan structures that best assist the entrepreneur in creating and growing a successful venture.

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Funds for this program are provided through donations from Commerce Bank, Bank of Missouri, Callaway Bank, US Bank Foundation, Community Foundation of Central Missouri, City of Columbia, USDA-Rural Development, Kings Daughters and private individuals.

Post-Loan Technical Assistance

For those clients that obtain loans from the Microloan Fund (MLF), post-loan technical assistance is provided. Post-loan technical assistance is available to all MLF borrowers to help ensure the survival and/or growth of the business, and to guard against possible loan default. That assistance includes one-on-one meetings, phone calls, correspondence, and possible referral to training classes that help with issues related to small business start up, small business management, accessing markets, marketing, financial management and record-keeping, among other topics.