Then LaunchU is for YOU!

LaunchU is a six-week course for aspiring and early-stage business owners. Over six weeks you will learn and execute the following concepts:

  • set your business goals
  • craft and pitch your business concept
  • research your industry and competition
  • market your services and products
  • identify and reach your target customers
  • set pricing, project profitability, break-even point and cash flow
  • choose the right business structure
  • assemble a support team
  • evaluate the feasibility of your business model so you can adjust course if needed

This training series helps you complete a written feasibility plan to help you determine if your business idea is a “GO” or “NO GO.” Your feasibility can then be adapted into your business plan.

Your $250 course fee includes 36-hours of training with a certified facilitator; LaunchU Workbook; 3-month subscription to LivePlan business planning software (a $60 value); handouts; expert guest speakers in market research, marketing, accounting, legal and more; step-by-step help with your feasibility plan and one-on-one business counseling throughout the course and beyond.

Flexible payment plans available for those in hardship.

LaunchU is offered quarterly. Sessions beginning in January in Columbia (1/19/19 to 2/23/19) are offered Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Wondering if LaunchU is for you? Contact Jenny Phillips with questions
 at info@mowbc.org or (573) 818-2980!

Register for class online: https://everyeventgives.com/event/launch10/


Is LaunchU just for women? While the Missouri Women’s Business Center is focused on women, our LaunchU course is open to men too.

I’m already in business, would I still benefit from LaunchU? If you are in your first year of business, you would definitely benefit from taking LaunchU. If you have been in business for longer than a year, you might still benefit if  you are considering adjusting your business model for greater success.

I can’t afford $250, can I still take the course? We offer flexible payment plans for those unable to pay the full $250 tuition upfront. However, we ask that you have at least half of the tuition paid by the first day of class. You can start making payments toward an upcoming session of LaunchU at any time. Payments can be as low as $50.

What if I’m not sure about my business idea? Then LaunchU is definitely for you! At it core, LaunchU assesses the feasibility of your business idea. If it turns out that your business idea is not feasible, LaunchU benefits you by 1) helping you figure this out BEFORE you make a more significant investment; and 2) helping you figure out ways to adjust your business model or create a new business concept that is feasible. Also, the skills you learn in LaunchU can be applied to ANY business idea you have in the future.

Let the Missouri Women’s Business Center
Help Unlock Your Business Dreams with LaunchU!