Consulting and Business Planning Services

Business Planning

The MoWBC staff is available to help clients with their business planning, whether it is a new effort, or the client is revising an earlier plan. The business plan is the basic unit that will assist microenterprise staff in evaluating the business concept. It can provide staff with ideas of how best to organize help and resources for the entrepreneur. Finally, it can act as a lead-in to an application for financial assistance.

One-on-One Consultation

MoWBC staff can meet individually with clients that need help in a variety of ways – developing their business ideas, creating a marketing plan, market research, cash flow projections, financial statements, time management, bookkeeping, etc.

Group Technical Assistance

Similar to one-on-one, CMCA staff explores the benefits of entrepreneurs networking to work on issues related to business creation and business management.


Once in business, the owner will work with a coach to help sort options and identify resources. Coaches are experienced community mentors with training in Executive Coaching.

Post-Loan Technical Assistance

For those clients that obtain loans from the Microloan Fund (MLF), post-loan technical assistance is provided. Post-loan technical assistance is available to all MLF borrowers to help ensure the survival and/or growth of the business, and to guard against possible loan default. That assistance includes one-on-one meetings, phone calls, correspondence, and possible referral to training classes that help with issues related to small business start up, small business management, accessing markets, marketing, financial management and record-keeping, among other topics.